Strategic Plan:
Our Community


Durham Region has grown rapidly in recent years – and it’s going to continue to grow. From 2006–2011, we grew by 8%, making us the 6th fastest-growing place in Ontario. Today, about 650,000 people live here, which up more than 7% over 2011. By 2019 we’re expected to be home to 715, 000 people – rising to 780,000 by 2024.

Durham is not only growing, it’s also aging and becoming more diverse. The west end of our Region is growing faster than the east, with the highest growth in Pickering, Clarington and Whitby. More young families are found in the west part of our Region than the east. The west part of our region has higher average incomes than the east. More of our Seniors will live in the east part of the region. The region’s Seniors population has grown by 12%, (2006–2011), and will increase by an additional 40% by 2021. Our population is also becoming more diverse as new immigrants settle here, and as people move here from Downtown Toronto and Scarborough.

With an aging population, we have to ensure we are being responsive to their needs. These needs including improving integration of care, because Seniors have an increasing number of chronic diseases. It also means using technology to bring care closer to them and reducing their need for multiple visits and to travel extensively to receive their care.