We serve people across a 2500 square kilometer area — and our goals are pretty big: providing easy access to care and an equal focus on quality across all our sites.

In the last five years, we’ve come a long way towards making us the safest hospital. We’ve done a lot to standardize care across the hospital. We’ve decreased our wait times. We’ve balanced the budget 5 years in a row.

But there’s more to do. There always is. 

We’re going to continue to focus relentlessly — on improving the quality of care for everyone who comes through our doors, and making sure they get the best care.

Constantly improve quality and performance

We will set and achieve ambitious goals and be transparent about how we are performing.

We will put in place a comprehensive system that drives high quality and addresses our risks.

We will develop a culture of innovation that challenges the status quo and support new processes across Lakeridge Health.

Goal One

Embrace technology to transform our care

We will have a state of art electronic health record, and equipment and buildings that improve the quality of our care.

Information about our care will be accessible to our patients and those that care for them.

Goal Two