When people walk through our doors, they want their journey to be simple. When they leave, they want to feel like someone is still looking out for them. That’s what we mean by “seamless care.”

We’re committed to making sure that access to care is simple. That our patients can get care that meets their needs. We want to make sure that, if it’s needed, someone — either from the hospital or one of our partners — will continue to make sure they get the care when they get back home.

In the years ahead, Lakeridge Health will help lead the development of this seamless system in the Durham region.

Partner with other health care providers to ensure integrated care

We will standardize our care pathways – across our hospital and beyond to our partners.

We will strengthen our relationship with primary care, ensuring we are an enabler of high quality, integrated care.

Goal One

Innovate to create new models of care

We will lead with ideas for a better integrated health system, and provide the data to inform and measure the success of these strategies.

We will ensure open communication and shared leadership with our partners.

Goal Two