Strategic Plan:
What we learned


We want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts during our planning process.

Our academic providers encouraged us to take on a greater role in training learners and finding opportunities to collaborate on innovative ways to provide care. Our community partners asked us to work more collaboratively in the areas of education, training and the sharing of information that would facilitate the transition between the hospital and community care.

Our Patient and Family Advisors encouraged us to include the patient’s voice when designing our buildings, and to create more mechanisms to enable patients to provide input into and feedback on our processes. They also asked that mechanisms to put in place that information is shared across our departments and with our partners so that there is continuity of care and they don’t have answer the same questions over and over.

We spoke with about 800 people over the phone. More than 80% of them see Lakeridge Health as their local hospital and would come to us if they needed care. They felt we should continue to get the word out about our top-ranked cancer centre and state of the art maternal-child facilities and that we should continue our efforts to reduce waiting times.

Our staff, physicians and volunteers are very proud of what we have accomplished over the past 5 years and our focus on patient safety. They would like to see us improve electronic integration of our patient information, provide more training and educational support, and better facilitate the transition of patients once their need for the hospital is over. We know that in the future we’ll see more technology that enables patients to receive care in their home and to manage more of their own care. We will be able to diagnose diseases earlier and to tailor treatment plans to each patient’s specific situation. We looked at what hospitals our residents go to and for what and found that over 65% of our local residents receive their hospital care here, but there are opportunities for us to enable residents to receive more of their care closer to home.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us develop this plan.